Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Skills Required in Booming World

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution talks about "survival of the fittest" and 'Adaptability to Changes'. His theory always lingers in my mind when ever I am marching towards the path of success.

Currently I am an IT analyst who is doing programming for critical software applications. Well don’t ask me the detail of critical software’s which I wrote, at least that’s how the world believes me.

I still remember how I clicked my interview when I was searching for my first job. Darwin’s theory played a vital role in my career, and also it is playing a crucial part of day’s life. His theory needs a special mention here, since I quoted his Evolution theory with illustration of survivals in current corporate world on my interview which later clicked.

Well, everyone knows that only fittest can be best survived in any given environment.
Furthermore, it’s the adaptability for changes, which decides his/her survival better.

Past 6.5 years I was working in the IT industry, it is the following factors
1. "Survival of the fittest" and
2. 'Adaptability to environment changes for predominant Existence'
that has made me to be a better survivor in my environment.

‘Fittest’ is not only the factor that plays the sole job for one's survival; rather it’s the mix of ‘fittest’ and Adaptability to changes. Dinosaurs were fittest once, but due to its lack of adaptability skills now dinosaurs are no more. Similarly in today’s corporate world, it is not that one who is fit can be survived well; rather it is the Adaptability to changes that makes him survive predominantly among the mob.

Based on my experience, I am going to inherit and extend Darwin’s theory with some more crucial factors for better survival. In Current Corporate world it’s the extensible skill ‘Predictability’ and ‘Learnability’ which is required more for prevalent survival. One should be good at predicting the future; also he/she should have the mix of adaptability to learn new things.

Practically I am used to Darwin’s theory so far. But for one to be a predominant survivor I realized that it’s the Predictability followed by Learnabilty which makes him/her to reach there.

Well how to predict the future and learn from there, that’s a hard question to answer currently. Probably I would discuss more on this in coming days.