Monday, April 09, 2007

Go for Put Options - INR Gaining Against Dollar

Derivate Market Trading - April 09 2007

1 Dollar value is 42.87 INR, Rupee is gaining against Dollar in recent couple of months.

This will have an effect on all IT biggies quarter results

Who ever want to try Options trading, then its a good time for buying some PUT options on IT stocks.

When Market Stock value is expected to go down, then trade on PUT options.

Also happen to see the list of most active contracts in PE is topping the list than CE. Its a sign for market to go down......Go for PUT Options

Who ever wants to buy stocks in direct market then wait for an expected drop after quarter results. Buy IT stocks when it goes low after quarter results.

Disclaimer : Author dont hold any put options currently !

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sivaji - Oru Kudai Sunlight

Seeni >> Arasa, did you hear Sivaji Songs..
Arasan >> No ma, heard that Sivaji Songs came out pretty good...send me the link

Listened to sivaji songs, Overall ARR has done a decent job. I liked the song Oru Kudai Sunlight very much....Its a copy of famous english song though !

Oru Kudai Sunlight - chance-say illai...Started Imagining how rajini would have danced for this!!! man this song rocks and gonna rock across Tamil Nadu for sure
Sivaji - Oru Kudai Sunlight

Athiradi song is also very good, Excitement to watch Sivaji movie is increasing day by day ! Awaiting for the movie to get released, planning for first day first show here @ Chicago :)-