Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall in Home Prices (USA)

Here are the year-over-year nominal price changes for the 20 cities covered by the index:

Tampa, down 10.1%;
Detroit, down 9.3%:
San Diego, down 8.3%;
Phoenix, down 8%;
Miami, down 7.8%;
Las Vegas, down 7.6%;
Washington, D.C., down 7.2%;
Los Angeles, down 5.7%;
San Francisco, down 4.2%;
Cleveland, down 4.1%;
Minneapolis, down 4%;
New York, down 3.8%;
Boston, down 3.6%;
Chicago, down 1.3%;
Denver, down 0.4%;
Dallas, up 0.5%;
Atlanta, up 0.8%;
Portland, Ore., up 2.8%;
Charlotte, up 5.6%;
and Seattle, up 5.7%.

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Fall in home prices

Monday, October 01, 2007

Wanna Be A Global Player - How about having a U-BRIC-M Portfolio?

Following Table is self explanatory!

Table contains some leading stocks from UBRICM. (United States, Brazil,Russia,Inida,China & Mexico). I have created this based on my ROI analyis on these leading countries. Thats 84% ROI over a period of 1 year. (ofcourse, its a post analysis and not a fortune teller).

Interesting thing is ROI shooted from 67% to 84% in just 5 trading days. This portfolio will bring decent fortune for medium to long term investors. All are listed in US Stock Market

U-BRIC-M thats the new acronym which I have coined for this portfolio. Whats your say on U-BRIC-M?