Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So Far So Good What Next...?

I often find it difficult to answer one question "So Far So Good, What Next"??

When ever my mind is getting a vacuum ness, this question enters into my mind. Most of the time I find it difficult to find a concrete answer for this. How to overcome the Mind's vacuum ness, that’s entirely a different thought process and my blog "Keep the Wheels on your Heels moving" might answer to some extent to overcome the same.

But my focus is entirely on different context, "So Far So Good, What Next”?? If this question often comes to your mind, then what does it convey to you? Whether it’s a good thought process or not? Well the answer can be either good or bad.

Sometimes I feel like charged when this question arises in my mind, and then my brain will be busy in finding an answer for the given point of life's time. As a outcome of this some of my key action items gets actionized during this exercise. This is really a Good thing.

On the contrary, I get frustrated if I am not able to find an answer or probably I lose focus for my forth coming action items.

So Far So Good What Next...? Is this a good thought or a Bad thought???
And analyzing to find an answer to this, whether that is good or bad???

Folks, what is your thought on this!!!???