Friday, June 02, 2006

Keep the Wheels on your Heels Moving!


Quick Recap.....Seattle, New Jersey (New York), Bangalore, Toronto, Mysore, London, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai. That’s a varied and diversified stint though!!!

I have practiced myself to keep my mind busy to avoid so called vacuum ness entering into one's mind (especially @ onsite)

Every place is unique, it has its own pros and cons. Exploration is the key to avoid vacuum ness.

Exploration can be on anything based on individual interests.

1. It can be tasting different countries food.
2. It can be visiting new places. (It need not be a city always, small town, mountains, shore region, farming..etc...Endless list)
3. It can be learning some new musical instruments.
4. It can be learning new sporting activities (outdoor & indoor sports); there is lot more available in sporting activities one can explore when they move from 1 place to another.
(I never played volleyball, basketball or tennis when I was at India; of course I am not a pro in that too)
5. It can be a get together of some old friends or arrange for diversified meetings.
6. It can be networking of new peoples.
7. It can be writing blogs.
8. It can be investing in stock markets.
9. It can be exploration of indoor and outdoor activities specific to weather condition or season. (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)
10. It can be watching sequence of your favorite movie star movies.
11. It can be calling up some good old faces and have a chat with them.
12. It can be a long phone chat with a particular family person apart from your normal call (I have advantage of having too many family members to go on for rotation :)-)
13. It can be doing nothing over week end, don’t do anything, this will allow your mind to think about some new stuff.
14. It can be exploration on how the localities spend their week end or the culture of localities.

The list is endless, don’t do anything which is repetitive in nature otherwise it will became a boring activity, always keep the wheels on your heels moving.

Important Note: Do something which you are interested in or which you might get interested in. It need not be always exploring for new things, it can be a combination of both old things + new things.

I may or maynot like the city where I live, but I would prefer to love my stay in the city where ever I stay!

But whatsoever the case, East or West Chennai is the best place for me! Chennai got lot more things to offer for me.

Just my 2 cents.