Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sleepless Nights in Seattle

Today I slept in my car for few minutes at my apt parking lot.

Currently I am undergoing sleepless nights at Seattle. A Stressful day and driving back home in a bumper to bumper traffic, it sucks.

I was drowsy while driving back home from office. Thank god it was safe reach. Glad that I am not staying far from my office.

Sleepless Nights, that’s weird to me. Well the reason for that is 2 fold, one side extended off shore calls J (good part) and other hand stress at job (bad part). I need to restore back to my normal sleep hours. While driving, if I get sleep then most of the time I used to pull over to the shoulder and sleep for some time and then resume driving. Folks, hope you might have come across few sleepy drive, you are open to share your drowsy drive on highways :)-